Hello, we are Gerasimos, Tina, and Stelios.

In the heart of the Greek countryside, near the historic Mycenae at our farmhouse, with storage rooms where we keep our oil, our flower-filled courtyard, the wood-fired oven, and space for soap-making lessons, we invite you to taste the tradition of Greek hospitality and love for nature.

Through olive farming, soap making, and soon, beekeeping. I am a third-generation olive oil producer, dedicated to producing quality olive oil from our own groves and natural soaps, using the recipe our grandmother left us as an inheritance.

Our goal!

We want to provide you with experiences that combine tradition and love for nature. Through educational lessons in the courtyard of our home, we share the art of soap making, aiming to inspire anyone who appreciates natural production and harmony with nature.

We give you the opportunity to learn how to make your own soap and even to take it home at the end of the evening.

We organize educational lessons and workshops in the ambience of our home’s courtyard, offering a hands-on experience in the art of soap making, and celebrating our common love for nature. At the end of each seminar, we share not only knowledge but also flavors, offering a free meal with traditional tastes.